About us?

Hello! We are Mirta and Sandro. 17 years ago Sandro started with Japamala – a brand of basic, functional garments, suitable for all bodies and to be carried out on all occasions. Currently he is the one who is in charge of the numbers (since I was never good at it). I am Mirta currently responsible for the physical store, the garments and the image in general. About me I will tell you that – for a person who never worked in sales or stores – the beginnings were quite difficult. What I knew from the beginning is that I wanted to treat every person who came into our store as a friend.

The store was born in 2014 with the idea of ​​offering local products from emerging designers and not from large companies. We try that each person who visits us finds a garment suitable for their needs, tastes and circumstances. Thus, our clients find an opportunity to get unique garments, handmade, on a limited scale and once the small designers have a place where their creations and ideas are welcomed with care and care.

Every designer who works with us is a friend because we believe in united work – that’s why also the name – Japamala

and Friends! Apart from Japamala, here you can find other small brands of local people: Maria del Carmen, Toni, Heidi, Anna, Anette (Germany), Camilla (Brazil), Ana (Brazil), Leda (Brazil), Violaine (Suisa), Alihuen (Argentina), Pablo (Argentina) and Daniel (Argentina) …

We speak Spanish, Catalan, English, German, Croatian and we understand many more. Follow us on INSTAGRAM and on FACEBOOK – Japamala and Friends, where you can see photos of our clients. So you will see how our garments look in real people.

We hope to see you soon and we thank you for your support throughout all these years! Kisses, Mirta and Sandro (Sandro doesn’t like to be in photos :))